Family History

Family history research is the focus of my professional activity. I specialise in hunting down records of baptisms, marriages and burials, wills, marriage dispensations, military records and anything else pertinent to a family’s history, and turning them into a precise, readable narrative of a person’s ancestry, which I provide along with a simple tree chart and, if desired, the entire file in *.ged format, which can be plugged into virtually any commercially available family tree software.

As a researcher, every project is different. Our very nature as human beings means that all of us will have different geographic, historic, social and even economic “pasts”. The search for your family history may take us to archives we’d never heard of in towns where you never imagined that you’d had ancestors. The trail may lead from one end of the Iberian peninsula to the other, or to Spain’s islands and even to other countries – remember that as an Imperial power Spain attracted merchants and soldiers from elsewhere in Europe.

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 0px”]Unless you can trace some ancestors who belonged to royal, noble or gentry families, the late 1500s will probably be outer frontiers of your lengthy genealogical journey. Once you have traced some of your ancestors to the medieval era, know their names and can begin to envision how they lived, you will feel that you have truly travelled through time. It’s a feeling that I’ve enjoyed through my personal research and that I hope to give my clients.[/one_half][two_fifth_last padding=”0 20px 0 20px”]Click on this link to open and view an actual Sample Ancestry Report  I prepared for one of my clients (and have been given permission to share).[/two_fifth_last]