Probate Research

Although it is not my primary field as a genealogist, I regularly handle probate research cases – the search in Spain for heirs of persons who have died elsewhere – though I need to assess these on a case-by-case basis, principally to determine whether it is even feasible to proceed. ThisĀ  requires that we weigh the amount of information the trustees have about the birthplace and family of the deceased against the lack of any central indexing of births and marriages in Spanish civil records. In all but a few cases I have been successful in locating the prospective heirs, for executors and trustees in a variety of jurisdictions. The exceptions have been either when the deceased had a very common surname and had left no clear information about his or her place of origin in Spain, or when a small number of local authorities in Spain have, citing privacy laws, refused to put me in touch with prospective heirs or pass my details on to them. Please contact me to discuss the amount of work involved and the fee schedule for a given project. I will no longer accept any such cases on a contingency fee.