Irish in Spain (X): Some C18th Marriages in the city of Málaga

At Málaga’s parish of Santiago on 16 Nov 1733, ‘Don Ricardo Colvel’ widower of ‘Doña María Caliwill’ married ‘Doña Leonor de Burc’ widow of ‘Don Patricio Fisomons’. Bride and groom were both residents of the city. [Marriages, Book 12, P. 14]

Also there, on 15 July 1736, Don Daniel Donoban, of ‘Ross Carbry’, Ireland, Bishopric of Cork, legitimate son of Daniel Donoban and Cathalina Reagan his wife, married Doña María Talbot, legitimate daughter of Guillermo Talbot and Doña Maria Kins Kalagh his wife. The witnesses were Patricio Canisbro, Patricio Ronan and Diego Magdemara. [Marriages, Book 12, P. 61 verso]

These two families intermarried again: at the same parish, on 12 Nov 1742, Don Timotheo Donoban, native of Cork in Ireland, son of the same Daniel and Cathalina, married Doña Cathalina Talbot, a native of Dublin, son of the same Guillermo Talbot and María ‘Quinchelli’. The ceremony was performed by Friar Eguardo ‘Makena’, described as a ‘lector jubilado en el Convento de San Agustín’. [Marriages, Book 12, P. 111 verso]

The ‘Patricio Ronan’ who witnessed the 1736 marriage above, may have been the same man who himself married at Málaga’s Cathedral three years previously: on 21 June 1733 Don Patricio Ronan (though the margin reads ‘Ronar’), native of ‘Dungarbainel’ in Ireland, legitimate son of Don Thomas Ronar and Doña Juana Lincon, married Doña Margarita Plunket, resident of Málaga, widow of irishman ‘Don Francisco Chamberlan’. The witnesses were Don Timotheo Magdemara and Don Diego Magdemara, residents of Málaga. [Sagrario, Marriages 1729-1752, P. 37]

I’m not going to hazard a guess at the Gaelic spelling of any of these names, but their English renderings may be: Richard Coldwell (or Richard Caldwell?), Mary Caldwell, Eleanor de Burgh, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Daniel Donovan, Catherine Reagan, Mary Talbot, William Talbot, Mary Kinkelly (or Mary Kilkenny?), Timothy Donovan, Catherine Talbot, Patrick Ronan, Thomas Ronan, Joan Lincoln (or Jane Lincoln), Margaret Plunkett, Francis Chamberlain, Timothy Macnamara, James Macnamara. The registers containing the records cited above are to be found in Málaga’s excellent Cathedral Archive.