Heraldry in a Phantom Tube Station

Visitors to Madrid who tour the phantom tube station at Chamberí will find some artistic items of heraldic interest. As the guide explains, when the station was first opened in 1919 the firms who sponsored its construction were rewarded with space for permanent advertisements on the walls adjoining the platforms. In the remainder of the stations on Line 1 of the Madrid underground, such adverts have long since been covered over or destroyed, but when Chamberí station, closed in 1966, reopened as a museum in 2008, several of its original tile advertisements were restored to their full glory, as seen here.

The station is open for a few hours daily on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; its hours and other information may be found at the following link: http://www.metromadrid.es/en/viaja_en_metro/anden_0/index.html