Genealogical Oddities (XLIII): Hall of Milledgeville, Georgia in 19th Century Barcelona

On 17 January 1845 in the city of Barcelona, Felicia E.B. Hall (whose surnames are given in the Spanish style, Hall y Milbery) and her husband Ambrosio Oliveras y Estrada appeared before notary Josep Dardé. She is stated to have married under a dowry contract signed on 24 December 1840 before the same notary by her stepfather and legal guardian, José Miguel Ribot, by which dowry contract she transferred to her intended, Ambrosio, all the estate to which she was heir under the will made by George William Murray on 24 May 1836 in Milledgeville, Georgia, before notary B.P. Stubbs. By this 1845 instrument, Felicia and Ambrosio gave her brother William Hall (y Milbery) or, in his absence, Messrs. Bailey and Johnson, in trade in Milledgeville, power of attorney to deal with the executors of Mr Murray or any other authorities involved in winding up his estate.

SOURCE: Arxiu de Protocols de Barcelona, Notari  Josep Dardé Ravanell, Lligall 1231/13