Genealogical Oddities (XIX): An Anglo-American-Scandinavian family, Madrid 1910

The 1910 Madrid city census includes, at Calle Teruel Nº 1, ground floor, a most polyglot family. The widowed matriarch was English, her daughter apparently Scandinavian but born in Andalusia; her son-in-law [two years older than herself!] was American, and their child was born in Portugal.

The informant for the census entry was Margaret Gray, whose names are also given in the standard Spanish form, with her mother’s maiden name after her own surname; so she appears as Margarita Gray Roberts, but then signs as Margarita Gray de Björkman.

The household’s occupants, and their vital details (surnames in Spanish order – relation to head of household – date of birth – place of birth) were:
Margarita Gray Roberts – self – 4 Nov 1857 – England
Amanda Björkman Gray – daughter – 4 March 1880 – Seville
Nordal Preus Brun – son-in-law – 20 Jan 1855 – USA
Ragnhild Preus Björkman – granddaughter – 4 Feb 1910 – Lisbon, Portugal

Nordal Preus is stated to be an engineer, and a 1900 newspaper (Madrid Cientifico) indicates that in that year he was based in Seville as an agent of the Sociedad Valenciana-Andaluza which operated several mines around Puebla de los Infantes.
Source: Archivo de la Villa, Madrid, Padrón de Habitantes de 1910, Hoja 35950 (Calle Teruel Nº 1, Bajos)