Irish in Spain (II): Everard, Morphy, and some other natives of ‘Goaterfordia’

Arms of the City of Waterford (Wikimedia)
I’ve previously mentioned records pertaining to Irish men at arms in Zaragoza as an example of unexpected Spanish sources for Irish references. Here’s another record drawn from the same record set, one in which the actual intended content of the record is made almost unintelligible by the cleric’s inability to spell Irish surnames and place names.

The applications for a licence to marry in the Diocese of Zaragoza in 1730 include that filed on March 11th that year by Don ‘Reynaldo Macdonel’ (Reginald MacDonnell?) a Lieutenant in the Regimiento de Irlanda. He states that he is aged 41, left Ireland in 1718 for Cadiz, and has resided in Zaragoza for 5 years. He wishes to marry María Josefa Everardo, at Zaragoza’s parish of San Pablo.

Attached to the application is a transcript of the bride-to-be’s baptism record, from Bilbao’s parish of San Nicolás. It indicates that on 30 May 1713 was baptised ‘María Josepha, hija legitima de D Raimundo Eberardo y Dª María Morfil vecinos de Bilbao’, the paternal grandparents being ‘Don Phelipe Eberardo y Doña Margarita Ocan naturales y vecinos de Goaterfordia, Reyno de Irlanda’ and the maternal grandparents ‘Don Fernando Morfil y Doña Catalina Gis Patris residentes de Baterfordia’.

Somewhere in this soup there seem to be references to families surnamed Everard, Ocan, Fitzpatrick and perhaps Morphy, which may be perhaps be easily identifiable to those more familiar with records of 18th-century Waterford (though admittedly Goaterfordia sounds like a much more intriguing locality to visit).

Curiously enough, bride and groom could provide only the same witnesses to their freedom to marry: Don Juan Besquil, Captain of Dragoons, native of Cort (Cork?), Ireland, aged 61 and 8 years a resident of Zaragoza, and his wife Doña Ana Morfi, an aunt of the bride, native to ‘Batafort’ (sigh) in Ireland, 8 years in Zaragoza and aged ‘above 40’.

SOURCE: Registro Diocesano de Matrimonios 1730, Archivo Diocesano de Zaragoza