Genealogical Oddities (XLII): A Flemish Gardener’s 1807 Marriage in Catalonia

Vista des de la plaça de les Peixateries Velles, From Wikimedia, Creative Commons, user Misburg3014
On 25 December 1807 at the parish of St Peter in the Catalan city of Reus, ‘Benito’ Vandenboske, a gardener, stated to be from Liedekerke in the Diocese of Mechelen in Flanders, married Francisca Girardi y Ripoll, native of Reus. The groom’s parents were named as Judocus Vandenboske and Francisca Gilis.

I am unsure what the original form in Flemish would be for this surname: van den Bossche, Van den Bosch, van de Boske?

SOURCE: Parish of Sant Pere, Reus, Marriages 1805-1820, P. 125: Arxiu Històric Arxidiocesà de Tarragona.