Genealogical Oddities (LV): Hampshire Gent in C18th Malaga Spain

Ceiling of Málaga Cathedral. Photo by Matthew Hovious
In 1776, “Don Guillermo Ybuelin” of “Southampton in the county of Hampshire, England” son of Don “Mateo Ybuelin” and Doña “Ysabel Sivers” married, at the Sagrario chapel of Málaga city cathedral, Josefa Mandly, a native of Málaga, daughter of Don Mathias Mandly and Doña Isabel Rosa de Rueda. The witness was one Guillermo Lovejoy.

I wonder if someone familiar with Hampshire genealogies may be able to connect this man with his English family. He seems to have been the progenitor of the large Huelin family existing still today in Málaga and elsewhere, and as long ago as 1968 I find a Spanish researcher referring to him as William Welling, but have no way of knowing if this is actually the correct English form of his name.

SOURCE: Archive of the Cathedral of Málaga, Cathedral (Sagrario) Marriages 1776-1792, P. 9